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Default Re: Metcalf Bottoms, Sat. 23 Sep

I must admit that I am not much on fishing in the rain, but on Saturday I went to West prong and caught my first GSMNP trout. I have lived and fished here my whole life and grew up with the notion that fishing in the park was taboo, too hard, and the fish too small. Now I know better! The time slipped away and I hardly noticed the 2 or 3 rain showers. I caught 5 rainbows the biggest being 8 inches. They all hit the greenie weenie on a dropper under a parachute adams. Kept one and cooked him over a camp fire that night. What a great day!

By the way, that's very true about flash floods. Fishing in the tailwaters has taught me to keep an eye on my surroundings (trees, rocks,shoreline) for changes in water level.

Be safe.
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