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Thanks for the info Russ - as I understand stealth is the name of the game. *We have our earthtone clothes packed and ready!

Thanks for the tips flyinby. *Jacob and I are planning on fishing some of the same territory, maybe we will run into you this weekend, if not on the stream, maybe at LRO. *We thought about camping, but we opted for a room at Doc's Motel instead. *Have a great weekend!

Hey buckeyetrouter - I agree with caz. *The post was most likely refering to the Brookville tailwaters. *DNR stocks the area above the tailwaters and I have heard some "fish stories" about some hearty leftovers that have become acclimated to the tailwaters. *I hav not fished it myself. *Brookville is located near the Ohio/Indiana border about half way up the state line.

Take care and thanks for your advice!

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