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Default Re: clinch river fish, what is it?

Yeppers bhprince... all the guys have it right. *I fish that area frequently and they are carp. *Sometimes they cruise around in groups of 2's and 3's. *They are a blast to catch, but difficult. *They will take a properly presented fly that resembles a nymph, baby crayfish, or dying/struggling baitfish. *

Read up on how to catch a bonefish and you'll know what to do. *Gotta spot them, then lead them just right. *Most I've seen behind the jail are fairly small. *The biggest may have been 5 lbs. *A small one, for sure. *They are a member of the goldfish family. * They originated from China. *Usually a golden-brown color.

At times, stripers will migrate upstream to that area. *That usually happens when they trying to escape into cooler water, and/or they are chasing shad upriver. *That's another fine fish to catch on a fly. *You may want to ask around if anyone knows about when, where, and how to tag a striper in that section. *Most of my experience is in the salt. Better break out the heavier gear. *

Good luck on carp fishing! * *
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