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Default Re: Fishing Tomorrow

I would say if the water is a little off color that is even more reason to go. I love fishing things like green weenies and helgramites down deep when the water is stained. It can't be said enough on the board, high off-colored water = big fish. Now I don't mean go do this if the river is like chocolate milk and raging, that is just dangerous. Just my opinion, but some of my best fishing has been when the river looks like good southern sweet tea.


yeah, ive heard the same thing, i think im kind of curious to go, but ive never really tried nymph fishing. it kinda scares me. any tips?

that's why i like going when the water is calm, because i can see the dry fly realy well and know when a fish lands on the fly.

im just kinda curious, do you think the water would be too high tomorrow? we only got about 1/3 of an inch here in the valley, im not sure what they got up in the mountains, but im sure by tomorrow it should be down to normal again...
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