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Default Re: Fishing Tomorrow

I was in LRO during Labor Day weekend. It had just rained and the river was up some on friday. I was talking to Daniel at LRO and if my memory serves me correctly, he said that once the flow reaches about 2.5 ft is when you should start to be careful with wading. I could be wrong as this has been a month since he told me, but for some reason I think that is what he told me. You can either just stop in at the store if you going fishing and ask them how the flow is, or look at the fishing report each morning after byron has updated it and see what the flow is like before you go. Please don't interpret this as meaning you cannot fish at all if the flow is over 2.5 ft. There are plenty of places you can find along the road where you can cast big nymphs w/out getting in the water. This is just my opinion, hopefully some of the people on here that know a lot more than me will chime in.

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