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Default Re: Nantahala in October

Delayed Harvest means they stock the fool out of the creek in October and it is Catch and Release until the 1st of Jue. Usually they put some pigs in the creek as well so you might stick one (sometimes even 3-4lb brookies). I think I fished it about this time last year and fished two nymphs a big stone to weight it and a smaller one dropped off the back, pheasant tail , prince or something with a bead. Maybe some midges, there usually is a midge hatch on the middle section of the DH and the fish eating the midges won't eat anything else. (in my experience)
The big river can be fun as well, find the the slow water and fish it deep; big indicator, big stone and smaller fly, maybe a soft hackle.
5x on the top fly either place and 6X on the midge. The DH gets hammered so much that they can get pretty picky.

Good luck
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