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Default Selling My Equipment

Today the little hair I have on my scalp turned gray. The educated brown's on Little River gave me some trouble. I should say one of the browns did. I got to the stream right at 1pm. I rigged up and caught three Rainbows and one Brown trout within fifteen minutes on top. It was going to be a great day. The sky was clear and the temp in the water an ideal 54 degress and probably about 70 in the air. I managed to put my orange stimulator in a nice deep run then bam! a good sized brown came up and just rolled to show me his belly. I instantly jerked my fly and stirred up the run. Oh well, I'll get another upstream. WRONG! it took another two hours before I caught a few more Rainbows. I ran into a lot of sightseers and other fisherman. It was getting to be too crowded for my liking so I quit and started to walk back to my truck. I checked my watch and it had been four hours since I fished the first runs where my truck was at. I thought just maybe I could lure that brown to take my fly this time not just roll.

I crawled on all four and got in to casting position. I flipped my fly out and just as it hit the water bam again! This time he took. I felt that he was a little more hefty than the average fish but no lunke. I estimated him to be about 13 or 14 inches. Then in an instant I let him go under a rock since I was carefule with my 5x tippet. The tippet didn't break but in my effort to steer him out the fly came loose from his mouth. I said a few carefully selected words in disbelief. This was more than my nerves could take. I decided that I would call it a day and I told my wife when I got home. Two options sell my gear or go back to that hole very soon. What's your vote?
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