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Default Re: Selling My Equipment

Go back!!!!

I was on a stretch of the LR two weeks ago. It was on a Monday afternoon, and I had caught several rainbows and a brown out of this one particular stretch, that I had all to myself. I had seen this absolutely huge fish, but couldn't get it to take, when all of a sudden I heard this voice from behind me, he said, "Do you mind if I take some pictures of you fishing?" I said I didn't mind, * but to please not to stand directly behind me, as I was standing in the middle of the river, and casting directly away from him. Of course I proceded to get the biggest wind knot, which I now have learned to know as an incompetency knot, in my tippett. As I sat and retied, the 5 year old with the photo man threw every dislodged rock she could find, into the run. * I realized I was not meant to fish this run anymore, but most certainly will go back to it the next chance I get. So by all means, go back !!!!!

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