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Default Re: Selling My Equipment

I would keep the equipment--If you do sell the equipment I have a few good hobby ideas--true they are not as obsessive as fly fishing --they will have to do.
1)they say breeding and raising poodles is fun and you get to meet lots of really strange people
2)Become a refugee--walk by the highway--look pitiful--raggy clothes etc.--it is not the best way to pick up chicks-but some say it is fun.
3)Read on a dog food bag the other day--"for dogs with the constipation problem"--Did not buy the dog food--My dog is constipated--Why mess up a good thing-------Start research,developing a dog food that will constipate a dog--the fun will start after you make your 1st million.
4)Ask Byron and Jan if you can get a corner of the shop.Open a scuba diving shop--have not seen one scuba diving shop in Tenn.
5)Nobody collects Cobra fangs--See where I am going?Don't know if collectors value them---but you end up very religous and have reflexes like a cat.

I could go on and on--as you can see----there is life after fly fishing----
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