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Default Re: Don't Ask, Don't Tell????

Great topic LRMike...I think you answered your own question to some extent, the part about it being a time-honored tradition. Many fisherman today are relatively new to the sport and probably have not had anyone to show them the great traditions associated with our pastime. I myself am almost totally self-taught except for one half day guide trip I took to learn to fish nymphs. I never had anyone to teach me fly fishing growing up. When I was first getting started a few years ago, I would ask questions on boards such as this and usually didn't get too many responses and wondered why no one was very friendly , now that I've had time to learn more about this great sport, I understand why people were somewhat tight-lipped. I think it is all a matter of education for the most part. When people realize how precious the resource is, they will be much quicker to protect it to the utmost. A lot of people just don't know any better...

I believe some discretion should be used by everyone when giving advice, stream reports, etc. However, people are going to find out about our water, so give some advice. Tell them were your favorite road-side stream is were you can see the traffic rolling by all day and tourists will stop and take your picture. If they know what they are doing, they'll still catch fish and think it was the greatest place ever. Save those remote streams that you have to hike several miles to for them to discover on their own. 8-)

So, I know of this brookie stream absolutely full of 10-12 inch brookies, no joke! It is in the vicinity of..........
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