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Default Re: Don't Ask, Don't Tell????

Several have misread or misinterpreted my post. *Allow me to try again.

1) Can’t speak for anywhere else…..but by my observation, fly fishing in the Park has grown dramatically. *25 years ago it was rare to see a single fisherman on Park waters on any day. *Now I can see 20+ a day in the Park.
2) The largest percentage of increase is on 5 stream sections, all within sight or short walk of a Park road, easy to find, easy to get to. *Not surprisingly, they all shared a recent past history of good fishing.
3) There is a substantial difference between telling a friend where the fishing has been good, (every fisherman has done this and will continue to do this), and on the other hand, telling 7,000,000 people where same specific “hot spots” are in the Park.
4) That there may be the possibility that with so many people so willing and so able to tell so many other people where the “hot spots” are….that those spots, those 5 streams….could receive a disproportionately large part of this increased pressure. *
5) That maybe all this increase pressure on the same few miles of the 1000, could result in degradation in the fishing experience on those same streams. *And as I said…maybe that’s OK. *

These are more personal observations (ponderings if you will) than hard line positions. *If I have a point, and I’m not sure I do, it is that I will continue to tell my friends about my good days and where I have found fish….I just hope they decide not to tell their 7,000,000 internet buddies.
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