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Default Re: Don't Ask, Don't Tell????

That maybe all this increase pressure on the same few miles of the 1000, could result in degradation in the fishing experience on those same streams.

Could you clarify what you mean about the degradation in the fishing experience? I am interested in understanding your viewpoint.

I believe that there are more people fly fishing now. Overall, fishing may be down but I think that there are more fly fisherman out there so the streams are going to be more crowded. Just about any major destination out west you go to fish, the guides and fly shop owners can tell you plenty of stories about the good old days. Whether it is good or not, this is an aspect of our sport we need to face and accept. Things are going to change, including an increased number of people on the streams. It is this way with any outdoor pursuit. If you have a place that no one else ever goes, treasure it because these days, all the great places are being "discovered."

Once again, great topic!

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