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Default Re: Don't Ask, Don't Tell????

Okay, let me try expand on this. If every one and his brother and sister fish the rivers right off the blacktop then I should be able to find solitude with a ten minute walk from that particular spot. I understand the need for solitude and I sometimes like to fish in solitude myself, what differs from my opinion and some tight lipped peoples opinion is that I don't think it hurts the fishery a bit. In fact I encourage people to keep a fish or two if they live close by or can prepare the fish within reasonable time. I also think that if everyone is fishing let's say metcalf bottoms then after a while most people will give up because of the crowds and then in a little bit of time I will get the stream to myself again. I'm not trying to be a smartass about this but I believe there's room for everyone on these streams and when it get's crowded just walk and go somewhere else, or better yet join em'. I have found so many good friends on these streams and I'm going fishing tomorrow with one of those friends who I hooked up with thru a message board.

I agree with your analysis though, that the park is getting more crowded and I think that goes for all categories, campers, tubers, fishermen etc. I don't really worry about it too much because I have found that most fisherman who are not used to the smokies or a beginners in general give up the spot within an hour or so. You will be amazed on how little patience most people have if they don't catch a fish every five minutes. I have talked to numerous people in the park who claim there's no fish in here.
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