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Default Re: Don't Ask, Don't Tell????

As a fishery,the Smokies are getting better.Fisheries are judged by the size and the number of the fish that are caught.Like it or not,the better the fishing the more attention the park will get,and you know what happens next.A friend of mine,who owns a hotel in Gatlinburg,and is on the city council(or whatever it is called here)said ,at a meeting,projections from a marketing agency(the agency owned by Disney) impliedvisitors to SMNP will exceed 17million by 2015.How far will you need to hike?I say there is nothing that can be done,there are no options,the park will not be the same.I suppose we are fishing and living and hiking on memories just made....we are lucky,in a way,because we can fish,and know that ,now,as we fish,we are a part of the "good ol' days"
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