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Default Re: Don't Ask, Don't Tell????

The old times are gone and unfortunately, will not return. In my 35+ years of flyfishing, I have seen the numbers go up and down and a trip through a neighborhood yard sale will show you that there are alot of flyfisherman who do not stick with the sport. The downside to the current population visiting the GSMNP seems to be their lack of concern with littering and trashing the park. This also is apparent from a number of people fishing who will not pick up discarded tippets, flyline, etc. from the creek sides. This is in addition to the abundance of other trash that I pickup when fishing. Used to, I was able to pack a small trash bag and fill while fishing. I now carry a large trash bag and usually fill it on any given day. I would not discourage anyone picking up this wonderful sport and will share my knowledge gained with those who ask the questions. The downside to the increased pressure of fishing means some of us will have to hike a little further to reach that certain spot, which is getting harder as arthritis and the effects of age catch up.
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