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Default Re: Don't Ask, Don't Tell????

Interesting, if not a little sad, that today is next year’s “good ol’ days”. *The implication is that… of course fishing was better in years past than today…. And of course (because of ever increasing pressure) fishing will not be as good in the future as it is today. * This line of thought suggests that all that we can do is 1) enjoy today and 2) do our share to slow the decline of the fishing experience, (i.e. volunteer work with TU, Friends of the Smokies, etc.).

Lauxier, thanks for your perspective. * I’m afraid it contains a good amount of truth.

Also, thanks to all for your input re the back country waters…I understand and agree. *I know that walking an hour before starting to fish will bring one a different (many say better) experience than fishing close to your vehicle. *

As sometimes happens, a new topic can turn different directions, not anticipated by the poster. *I thought my topic would be just about recent observations concerning the easily accessible parts of the Little River and Little Pigeon watersheds and the cultural shift from “don’t ask, don’t tell” fishermen to everyone tells everyone else (almost) everything. *I don’t think anyone can deny that there has been a shift. *Slowly first with books, then newsletters and now with the internet. * I just found myself wondering about the effect this phenomenon has had and will have on Park waters, but specifically these two watersheds. *
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