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Default Re: Don't Ask, Don't Tell????

I believe that anyone who flyfishes and finds a good spot or honeyhole as some might call it were told about that spot by someone else before they fished there. With the internet, more people can pick up on these spots when the info is passed along.

With regard to the Park, come on let's be honest, you don't have to tell anybody about the Little River along the Park road becuase everybody can see it when they drive by. The advice on the blue-liners up high, well if you have gone up after the Brookies up high, then you know if you ain't in good shape, you ain't going to do it.

I have been experiencing the Smokies at least once/year as a flyfisherman for the last 4 years. I have to say that people like tennswede( Hans), Hugh Hartsell and the people at LRO have been very helpful the last four years via the internet in providing just enough information to make my trips enjoyable and I greatly appreciate them.
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