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Default Re: Don't Ask, Don't Tell????

I live in fla,about a 30 min. drive to p.c. beach. Mackeral and blues are running right now.Had a buddy call and said he would take me to his honey hole. People were litterally elbow to elbow. When you would cast your rod tip would hit the person behind you and your elbow would hit the person next to you if you weren't careful. On the river and creek where I fish for bream I have seen on a regular basis people catch coolers full of fish just to give away. You all have a long way to go before you are over populated with people. When I ask my buddies to go fishing with me up there the fish are too small and you have to walk to much.. What you have is special and it takes a special type of person to app. it. The people who read a web site and come up there to fish a hot spot will either learn that we don't fish there to catch a cooler full of fish or will become discouraged with it. This web site has told me some of the good places to fish, it has also taught me things like catch and release, I also know that some of you maybe any where at any time upthere and I better not get caught littering by one of you. the latter two would probly not sink in if it wasn,t for the first. I thank you all for helping me find those special places but for also teaching me to respect them. You can,t stop more people from coming in the park, but you can guide them in the right direction. which would you rather see a fisherman in your best spot on a day you were going to fish it picking up a empty coke can he found or some one who dosen't fish at all driving to cades cove throwing out that coke can? You can't stop either of them from coming but the latter ain't reading this web site!!!!!!!Don't ask ,Don't tell works both ways .YOu locals are the keepers of the gate,and from what I see are doing a fine job, thanks!!!!!!
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