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Default Re: Don't Ask, Don't Tell????

Numbers of flyfishermen and women are down nationally. The flyshop owners and the outfitters who follow the industry trends (certainly LRO) can tell you this. Many of the young people are into extreme sports rather than ours.
As for posting on these boards; the readership is relatively small and (I bet) 90% of us arc C&R fishermen.
I will agree that Tremont hasn't fished nearly as well as it did when the road was closed and you had to walk, you know what though? I haven't fished Tremont in a couple of years, so I really have no idea how Tremont is fishing currently. As for the rest; the fish are there, numbers fluctuate with the weather/water.
The Park Service claims a 65% mortality rate annually just because of weather. If anything is causing a decline in the fishery it is the otters, though they are seldom seen.
I have been known to run off someone thinking about fishing right on top of me or trying to walk into a hole right above me. I have vowed to try and be friendly to the next person who seems to want to long as they don't then start fishing the hole above me!

I typically give someone at least 200 yards, if I see them before I get in.
I say be glad we have so much public water, there are countries where you could only look at the creek unless you were a member of the privileged class, or you would have to take classes for a couple of years to get certified to fish! What a hoot, I guess they're afraid someone is going to get out there and make a mess of things.
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