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Default Re: Don't Ask, Don't Tell????

arkansas traveler--Good post--you are right,exactly right.90 something percent of visitors coming to the Pigeon Forge-Gatlinburg-Dollywood--Factory Outlet-region of the Smokey Mountains are not fisherman.I did not mean to sound like I was throwing in the towel--in fact fishing on 2006 seems to be improving--much better than say in the late 70's.--I suppose the biggest issue facing the Park when and if the number of visitors increase is trash.I don't think we will see elbow to elbow ffishing on Little River anytime soon'.I do think roadsides providing easy access to trout streams will see increased pressure--and once again the trash issue comes up--Red Lodge,Montana,answered littering with large fines that are enforced,city hall dares visitors to be seen throwing a cigareete butt down.Like it or not,once the word gets around that SMNP rangersand true-blue locals will report littering ending in large fines(wheather you have the money to pay or not)then you see see folks think twice before throwing junk out of a car.
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