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hey gusy my trip was this week and i have to tell you it was AMAZING!
we arrived at our cabin monday evening and the white was being run at 4 generators. right in front of our cabin there was a litlle wadeable water so i got out and swung a olive wb for about 15 minutes and caught a fat 15 invch rainbow, but thats not the story.
tuesday morning we met our guide and headed over to the norfork. his name was Gabe, never caught his last name. me and my dad caught at least 50 fish between us that morning, the largest bein right at 19 inches they were caught on a light brown # 14 san juan. after lunch Gabe took us over to dry run creek. Gabe had two "honeyholes" that he took us to. that place is amazing. in 3 hours of fishing i caught about 35 fish the largest a 23 incher, we had a blast.
the next morning me and dad and my younger brother went back to dry run creek. little bro had a tough time. when dad wasnt gettin his tangles undone he was hitting himself in the back of his head with split shot and missing fish. the day proceeded with me hooking the fish fish and him playing them. the largest fish of the day was a 20 incher. i did hook into a 10+ pound fish. she was foul hooked right in the fin on her back and that fight was over quickly. we named her "big momma".
the next morning they werent running any generators on the white so we fished for about two hours hooking into a few good ones but we couldnt seem to land them. we called it quits and when into the cabin for some of my grandmother's pecan pancakes. yummmmmmmmm.
after breakfast we decided to go fish the norfork again but they were running two generators there and three on the white. so, we were faced with a tough decishion. should we go back to dry run creek or not. after some prayer and lots of thinking we decided to fish it. we absolutely tore them up. i finally caught big momma and she was big but not as big as i thought. she was about 22 inches and as thick as a football. i proceeded to land some of her cousins. 4 20+ inch browns, some broad shouldered rainbows, and a cuthroat that looked like a coho salmon. it had a forehead and a big hooked lip. after a while i had to let little bro where come where i was fishing and i ventured upstream. i found a perfect spot for big fish. it was right around knee deep, and about 5 foot across. on my first cast i hooked a 10 -12 inch rainbow and was playing it when out of the depths comes a massive brown that tries to eat my rainbow. he didnt eat and i hooked into a few decent sized browns and bows all about 18-20 inches. i hear my dad yelling for me telling me its time to go and i thouht oh crap, im not going to catch this fish. i tell dad to hold on , one more cast, well i threw my little san juan into the current and prayed for big momma 2 to take it. she did. i fought her for over 20 minutes. she would drag me upstream and down, upstream and down and she finally started tiring out. i got her almost into the net and you know how big browns are, theyve always got one more run. she running about 100 yards downstream and i had to run down the middle of the creek trying to keep up with her. we fonally got her netted and she was as every bit big as i thought she was. she was 30 inches long and had a 15 inch girth. we got our pics and released her. she was massive.
id like to say thanks again for all the tips and help you guys gave me. it was a great trip.

tight lines

p.s- i dread the day i turn 17
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