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Default Re: Trout reading favorites

"a good life wasted" is by dave or david ames. I can't recommend this book enough. i think i read the whole thing in one day. its supposedly true, but some of the stuff definitely has to be fabricated. the basic story line is about a guy (the author) who decides he hates his life working in a cubicle and walks out one day and decides he's just going to fish all the blue ribbon trout waters out west. not having a family or kids, I know i've almost done this more than once. anyway, he ends up on his last 3 bucks in a bar when he overhears someone talking about being short a guide. he lies, says he's a guide (he'd never guided before, and didnt know anything about the local area) and wings it. so the book follows him as he falls into this life. if you've ever wondered what could happen if you just left it all behind and fished, you have to read this.
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