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Default Re: South Holson Trip In the works

Fishermansfly, I just got back from a trip up there and it was quiet an unusual day. We walked down the river as a pulse was beginning and while the water was running a beautiful Sulfur hatch started taking place. The water started churning and big browns were everywhere feeding like crazy along with the rainbows. We managed five browns in not more than 10-15 casts and a few rainbows. These were all nice fish. As soon as the water started dropping, the fish became more selective and smaller. It was great to see so many Sulfurs hatching off this late in the season. We haven't been quiet so fortunate this year with the hatches as in past years. They sure do something to those big browns.
The usual flies were Sulfur Compara Duns, CDC Softhackle Emergers, and Blackbird Deerhair Emergers. Long leaders and good casts with proper mending is the order of the day. It's tough to fool the fish in those long glassy slicks. Try broken water. As for the, where did we fish---Somewhere, below the dam. I'll be back up there tomorrow and maybe I can help a little more.
Hugh Hartsell---East Tn.
Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.
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