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Default Re: fishing next weekend

Fished last night and it wasn't all that bad....It was kinda nice seeing not a lot of fishing pressure on the water and in addition very few tourist stopping in to watch you snag a tree and throw rocks in the water. We went late somewhere above metcalf and had pretty good luck catching mostly browns with 2 bows to boot. BWO in the afternoon worked pretty good. All the hits that I got were solid hookups with the exception of two one less than 6 ft from me, which kept diving back in his feeding lane giving me a 12" or 14" belly flash to drool over and the other which slammed my fly giving me only his back and tail to look at as he smiled and turned nose down. Over all I wish we would have made it up just a few hours earlier but we had to stop by LRO as always and drop a few bucks.

Dries in the afternoon for sure not real sure about to much else..Have fun
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