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Default Re: Tellico Area Fishing?

You can still consider camping in the Indian Boundary Campground. I know they have a quiet time and doubt they would put-up-with a bunch of loud dogs (call them first, I'm don't know for sure). Or, there are individual sites along Citico Creek Road and Doublecamp Creek Road (first come first serve, no fee). Doublecamp Creek is in the bear reserve, and I think North and South fork of Citico Creek are in it also (not 100% certain, but certain enough I'd bet a paycheck that they are). There is no hunting in the bear reserve this weekend. All are great places to get away from the crowds. I would still consider fishing the North and Bald Rivers. Don't let the hunters keep you out of the area. The place is HUGE. I've hunted it for days without running across another person. The hunters will leave you alone, they spend big dollars and 100's of hours training their dogs and have better things to do than bother a fisherman, their dogs and equipment sometimes cost more than their homes. Just don't start wallowing around in the mud oinking and squealling.
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