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Default Re: South Holson Trip In the works

we were up there the first weekend of oct.had a great time.all our fishing was done the first couple of miles below the weir dams.there is a road off the soho dam road called tva south road or something like that.if you go to the end there is a trail that leads off to the right and will lead you to the river below the was good from there down to the next bend.look for deeper runs to nymph fish,and dry fish in the shallow water.i fished a small midge emerger(red or olive)behind some of the grass islands with good it on top drifting or strip it in short quick strips after they get tired of it on top.this worked after the sun got the early morn,a sz.10 olive woolly bugger worked good til the sun popped over the trees.gotta get back to work.PM me if you need more info
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