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Default Re: Fishpond Shooting Star

just this last August I purchased a fishpond system from LRO for myself and one for my fiance. The quality appears to be wonderful, but more importantly, the comfort was incredible. There was so much more freedom and the chest pack was a delite to work with on the stream. *These units have extra fly boards available so you can separate your flies and put your desired selection in the table ( the part that opens and displays your flies. I would suggest that you put your fly boards that you are not using into a zip lock or something like that as I had a few flies fall off and this appears to catch them so they don't get loose in the pack. Also, the strap system is the straps as you look at other systems as the units with just a flat nylon strap would eventually wear on your neck area and other contact points. I would highly recommend the fishpond line of, there are alot of loops and areas to attach needed equipment for on the water

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