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Default Re: Gear options?

Hans......I picked mine up at LRO (also one for my fiance) this last August when we were visiting the park and we both love them. As far as the table (as I called it), I am more at ease using that than pulling a fly box out of my vest and trying to get a fly without dropping the fly box. The fly tray is interchangeable so you can gear that up to your trip. I actually will pull my selected fly with my forcepts so now I don't have to worry about dropping my fly or my fly box.......and to be honest, after a few hours I didn't even realize the chest pack was there. Plus, there are all kinds of spots for zingers and pockets for extra leaders or even enough room for a spare spool (although I never carry one). Oh can carry a disposible camera very easily and get to it fast with the chest pack. I believe that was one of your tips when I was talking about my first Brookie that I caught this past August......anyways, it is a wonderful pc of equip. and for some reason I'm thinking it will be more functional if I have to wear a rain jacket vs wearing a vest under a rain jacket......just my thoughts......

Need a favor, we are heading down this Monday for the week and need someone to contact the Weather God's to chase away some of that rain I'm seeing on the 10 day forcast.....would be forever grateful if you could pull that one

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