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Default Brookie fishin' Saturday

Went brookie fishing today in a high elevation stream (obviously), about 5000 feet, in southwestern north carolina. Things were very cold when we got there this morning and i conveniently left my gloves at home . Anyways, it took awhile before they started to bite, i only got one strike in about an hour of fishing on a small EHC. About 11:00, the temperature had warmed enough that the fish started to turn on and i started pulling in fish after fish. I caught many in the 6" range, some even smaller, and one that was probably about 8"!! However, that wasn't the biggest of the day. After walking, or should i say climbing, upstream i came across a nice little pool and as i peered up over a rock into the pool i saw a beautiful brookie that had to be about 10" feeding on top. I carefully positioned myself into the perfect position for a bow and arrow cast. It was the perfect cast and i was excited because i knew he couldn't pass me up. I was low and out of sight, nice cast with the fly hugging an undercut shelf, everything was perfect. Except the hook set! He came up and took my fly and i set the hook, but obviously not good enough as he shook it loose after probably 5 seconds. I could see him very good and this was clearly the biggest native brookie i had ever seen, let alone catch. Needless to say i was disappointed, but i can't complain after spending a day in god's country, purely untouched. If i knew how to post pictures i would do it, but i'm not sure how to. Anyways, i hope everyone else had a good a time as i did and caught some fish. Ya know, sometimes i just have to sit back and look in awe of the scenery......
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