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Default Re: Tellico Area Fishing?

I arrived in Tellico Plains aroung 10 this morning. I stopped and fished the Tellico for about an hour before heading up to the Bald. As I was fishing, I heard something behind me rummaging around in the leaves. I turned around trying to catch a glimpse of whatever it was, and out of the bushes came a boar. It briskly walked right past me and alongside the river for about 50 yds, then turned up the slope and went back into the woods. A pack of dogs followed after about 15 minutes. Anyway, I didnt as well as I was hoping on the Tellico. I only caught one bow that was about 11". After that, I went up to the falls and hiked for about 35 minutes then began fishing. The water was much colder than I had expected it to be. I guess that was one of the reasons the fish seemed to be so inactive. None of the fish were rising. There were also several leaves in the stream. Fishing was pretty difficult, especially for a novice like myself.

Final Score: Bald River 1, Doghaircaddis 0

Everything's copacetic though. I was surrounded by some incredible scenery. Plus I got to see a splendid pig. What a day!
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