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Default Re: nice day for a sipsey swim !!!!!

i`ve never caught as many as a hundred,but have caught 67 on day after a stocking.thats a good time to practice fishing with barbless flys.i mashed the barb down on my fly that day by accident and lost some fish but it didnt matter much,i was having a great time anyway.i wish you would have come by the flyshop.i was there tying some of my favorites(dale`s crimson midge).i`ve kinda been looking forward to meeting you fisherlady.i`ve seen your post a bunch of times but never of my friends was down there sat and said the fish were scattered down to the pump station.i`m kinda in the mood to fish down there for a while after the last exercise in futility(sp) .the fish have been hitting big stuff on top pretty good and also some bigger nymphs.see ya
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