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Default Re: Clinch River flies

The good ol' Clinch river combo - small pt (size dependant upon the time of year) with a smaller v rib midge...if early in the day (day break or over cast/ toward evening) or falling water, i usually like a small grey scud (20) as a dropper. There is usually an olive midge (20/22) that is a winter hatcher along with an even smaller black midge...then there is the ubiquitous black fly that most people over look - often confusing them for midges... Clinch is loaded with them and probably even more so now with the rock snot issue....small black beaded grey/olive zebra (wich can second for a the midge described earlier as well) is tough to not have on at all times as a dropper to whatever your main fly is...if they are hatching I like a small (22) EHC dry and or plumper version of a midge emerger for subsurface action....they are similar to a caddis in thier emergence rising in a bubble...
Sulphurs are mainly a spring time affair and caddis spotty through out so having caddis softies and drys on hand is always good.
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