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Default Re: Fishing in NC saturday

Yeah i used to fish only delayed harvest waters in nc, but grew tired of the people. I think the biggest thing that changed my type of fishing is really learning to appreciate a wild fish, as well as nature. There is nothing like fooling that fish into taking your fly. The best part is, it's not just about throwing the right fly in there; it's about careful wading, delicate presentation, and a level of stealth that would make most people laugh at me. Even if i don't catch anything, it's still been a great day.

I know that i could probably go to a delayed harvest (or stocked) stream and have a good chance at landing a 18"+ fish (i know they've stocked plenty of brutes this time, one of my buddies has caught one every time he's went), but to me there's so much satisfaction in catching a wild fish. I can't tell you how long it's been since i was so excited after hooking that big brookie. I have nothing against stocked streams, i just think that it takes a different kind of fisherman to succesfully fish for wild trout.
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