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Default Re: Opinions on Sunglasses

I have owned two pair of high end sunglasses ( i consider high end to be anything over a seventy five to a hundred dollars). *My first pair was Maui Jim Sport sunglasses with polarized lenses. *I wore those things straight for two years and loved them. *I spend alot of time on the water during the summer, either fishing or at my cabin riding around in the boat and always thought that even though they did not seem to be a very dark lense that they provided great relief from the sun during almost all lighting conditions. *The only down side to the Maui Jim Sports are that they are not made for really rough use. *I felt though sometimes I would gett something caught on them and really was suprised that they did not break apart. *So a plus would be their craftmanship and also their lightweight.

The second pair that I own is a Costa Del Mar Fathoms with the blue mirror lenses. *I bought this pair this past summer and LOVE them. *They are so comfortable and light weight and really feel, compared to the Maui Jims, that they can take any abuse that I can throw at them. *I find that they block alot of the light that used to come in the sides and top of the Maui Jims because they fit better on your face. *I find that they allow you to see into the water better than any of my previous glasses or that my friends have had as well. *I love these glasses and wear them all the time, I find my self wearing them even when its not that bright outside just because even though they are great at blocking the sun when its almost blinding without sunglasses that the lenses somehow allow you to wear them even when its cloudy or getting dusky dark. *

I had a real problem shelling out the money for the Costas (the Maui Jims were a birthday present) but I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for with some things and will own a pair until I find something that fits my needs better, which I think is going to be hard to do. *I do suggest buying a pair of Chums or someother brand of strap to help keep from losing them or dropping them in the water. *I find that having the Chums just helps me take better care of them. * On a side note the mirror finish on the Costas allows you to check girls out during the summer on the lake, or walking around campus without them ever knowing.....just throwing that out there. *sorry for the rambling.
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