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Default Re: Opinions on Sunglasses

Also, do you think spending over $115 is justified? *I mean, they might not be the most stylish or well built, but Bass Pro has several pairs of polarized glasses for around $20. *Any thoughts? Thanks!
My question to everyone is, what do you think your eyes are worth? I've always worn more expensive shades because i've spent the majority of my time outdoors, whether enjoying it or working construction.
I think every member of my family has worn glasses & currently wears glasses.
I'm approaching the big FIVE-O & still have 20/20, although i have had to resort to reading glasses to tie flies, read & put flies on small tippet, at my Optometrist recommendation.
I currently have the AO Guide glasses, i'm really wanting a pair of 580 Costa's, they are lighter & the lenses seem way easier on my eyes in direct sunlight.
Yep, i'm not sure what i'd do w/o my eyes.


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