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Default Re: Fishpond Shooting Star

From my understanding, the shooting star has "compression straps" on them, where are they located?? It's probably not big enough to carry my waders and shoes (which are in a simms wader bag), so i would like to strap it to the bottom of the bag, if possible.

Thanks again for all the input. I've really gotten some good information from y'all, feels like i got every angle covered!
I just loaded the Shooting Star with a pair of Simms G3 waders and a pair of Chota STL boots. *They fit in the main compartment, but not much else would.

Their are gear straps located on the bottom of the pack - I am not sure they are long enough to strap on a wader bag, though. *They are only about 4 inches in diameter when fully extended. *The compression straps on are on the sides of the pack and help compress the main compartment when loaded. There are also straps on the side of the pack that hold rod tubes in place.

Hope this helps.

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