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Default Re: Anyone fish the Clinch River lately?

In the same boat, haven't hit the Clinch in a while - use to fish there religiously, but it seems that it hasn't fished as well recently - haven't seen the numerous amout of big feeders around like in years past - maybe just me (good to see you're tagging some Scott)- and it seems a lot of compensation with fingerlings that are now pobably getting some size to them...then the whole rock snot thing kinda took the wind outta my sails for a while, being primarily a wader it was tough seeing that junk around Millers ...but I'm ready to come back and see what gives and if any of the monsta browns have moved the winter. Spotting these "logs" and sight fishing them is a blast throug out the winter, though if they are in the mist of doing thier thing, they don't seem to care much about your fly...

Winter is my favorite time to fish the Clinch (though if they would let us have a decent sulphur season, I'd say it be first) Lotta midges - mainly an olive #20/22 and a smaller black midge (26 or so), and some of even flies galore (maybe even more so with the didymo ) and a smattering of little black caddis, fishing them if you see 'em about- I'd concentrate on midges/black fly, have some small pheasant tails and scuds on hand ( I like to drop the smaller midge/black fly larvae pattern off of)....

But I have to tell ya, Clinch is grand, but the SoHo is worth the 2hr drive - winter long BWO hatches with sporatic sulphurs, midges and black flies - can be fish soup at times despite the gas to get there...check it out sometime...
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