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Default Re: Harpeth to soon be a winter trout haven?


I was thrilled when I read the article in the paper the other day. I've been driving a hour and a half to where ever I decide to fish.
I'm down in Thompson pretty much everything is a long way off.
I've only been fly fishing just under a year so I'm not really an expert to be giving you advice, but I do think this will be interesting this winter.
I wouldn't let them wait around too long before trying to take a few...I would bet they'll be fished pretty heavily.
As far as how long they'll survive...I had the same question. The river is in pretty good shape as far as I can tell, so as long as the temps are cool, they should hold up.

Long story short...I can't wait to just drive 20 minutes to fly fish for trout. Good luck this winter and maybe I'll see you out there.

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