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Default Re: How to fish small dry flies?!?

well, you could use a parachute bwo, that could help. sunlight conditons on the water play the biggest part for me. I almost always wear polarized glasses, which I think are a must when when wading and spotting fish, but I've learned that in certain light I can see the fly better without them. sometimes better with them. I sometimes wear them on end of my nose like reading glasses so i can either glance down through them or quickly look above them. also, you could just use a bigger fly. the more I fish, the more I'm starting to realize that I can get away with breaking just about any rule as long as I'm confident, the fly is presented nicely,and I'm stealth. I learned this from a friend who fishes with a generic rod he bought from walmart, wears old army surplus camo pants with a black tshirt (no waders) combat boots, and fishes year round 99% with the biggest, gaudiest yellow stimulator he can tie, with an occasional adams or yellow humpy. he always catches more and bigger fish than I do.
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