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Default Re: How to fish small dry flies?!?

Well as someone who fishes 18-22's on a regular basis, I suggest a larger more visible lead fly.
IE Stimulator or an Elk Hair Caddis. There is no law that says that you can't fish two dries.
The stimulator will allow you to get a better approximation of where your dropper be it wet or dry is located. I think the important thing to remember is to keep your loops a little more open in a two fly rig. If you need to fish long leaders and small dries. I'll even throw on a palsa pinch on indicator to fish smaller less visible flies. There are somedays where trout don't seem to mind a bright indicator parachute post. But if they are keyed in on those little bwo's and they are refusing your offering, I'll tie on a more natural colored dun and fish it with a taught line from an upstream position.

Just my $.02
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