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Default Halloween...  On Lynn Camp Prong

Took a day off today and my wife and I hiked above the cascades so I could fish a while. Didn't fish much, trying to show her some things and just spend time with her.

Anyway I caught 12 small Bows and she caught her first, but she's still not very interested. They were hitting everything. I used my standard #14 Yellow Stim with various #14 droppers. They hit both equally well, and were very aggressive. If I had been alone and had a couple more hours I could have caught around 30.

The fly really didn't seem to matter, the trick was reading the water and making a reasonable presentation. Ran into Glen who works some at LRO, he said he had around 15 on the gravel road. I was glad we hiked in a little, the pressure on the gravel road was pretty high. There were anglers in all the good spots. That makes the 15 that Glen caught very impressive.

Super day to go fishing! I can't wait to retire in 10 years so I can fish primarily during the week. Happy Halloween!

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