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Default Re: Tying Background

I built a fly tying table for myself. Has a nice mounting hole for my vise, and a little trash bin so I don't miss when i wbrush them off the edge. I made the choice on background, and got two different results.

First, my mistake. I thought a nice oak look would be attractive, so I got some oak formica. It does look very nice with my green cabinet. Now for the but.... materials like to hide on it. I wish I had a solid color, and maybe lighter as well.

Now I figured I need a background to actually tye against. I see all these pretty pictures of flies in magazines against this light blue background. I went to a local engraving shop (where they engrave plastic name tags, door signs, etc.), and bought a 12" x 12" piece for $1. I used double sticky tap to adhere it to the table directly below my vise. This was a great choice. The flies stand out great. You can see the colors of the material well. Head cement scraps right off if you get a little sloppy.

I just got a nice bright light on an arm from a hobby shop that I can move where I want. It attaches to my table with a little clamp.

Hope this helps.
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