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Default Re: Tying Background

hey sure seem to carry alot of passion in your new venture of were talking of tying and I thought I would share something with you ......when I was mid 30's, I had a gentleman work for me who was in his 80's and became a very good friend. Gene (my friend) was extremely handy with woodworking and always entering his projects in the county fair ( and usually winning). As I was just getting into FF and even fly tying, I showed him a tying box that I was looking at and asked if he thought it would be worth the $75 they were asking......he told me to wait a week or two and he would get me a materials list and maybe he would work with me to build my own. Unknown to me, Gene had taken some very old cabinets from the basement of our work building to strip down and had started to build to surprise me.....approx 12 days went by and I asked Gene if he had the list yet as I was eager to learn from his craftsmanship and to get a fly box....just be patient he told me, I will bring it in Friday ( this was Wednesday)....Friday came, but no Gene.....I waited for a call to see if he called in sick or had some other call. This was so unlike Gene so at lunch, I went by his house to check on him. Gene's truck was there but nobody was home. After work, I returned to check on Gene to make sure all was well. As I walked up the steps, I saw Gene's wife in the doorway with the tears flowing. She told me that Gene had passed in his sleep and she was sorry for me to have to find out in this manner. She told me there was something that I could do for her and she took me to Gene's garage workshop. Sitting on the bench was a box that she told me Gene was working on for the last week or so, and that even though it wasn't completely done....she knew Gene would want me to have it and finish it ( basically all I needed to do was a good oil rub)....

You never know where good friendships are going to come from and you should always cherish any freindship and knowledge you gain from elders...... I have attached several pics of the fly box and thought you may enjoy it as you are getting started.......on two seperate occasions I have been offered big money for this box ($500 once and $550 once), but this is a priceless piece of memory for me and will stay in my family as I intend to hand it down to my daughter who has recently moved to E. TN and is now enjoying FF.....hope you enjoy the pics and good luck with your passion in this life of FF


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