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Default Re: Harpeth to soon be a winter trout haven?

My money is on Pinkerton. Seems to me a hatchery truck has better access to the water at Pinkerton than other 'city parks' on the Harpeth like the Williamson County Rec Center or Fieldstone Farms Park. *If the Tennessean article was accurate when it referred to the stocking occuring 'east' of Franklin, it's got to be Pinkerton.

As an aside, is anyone interested in creating an informal group of local anglers to share information about fly fishing on local streams in/around the mid-state. *Obviously an established message board like LRO is a great resource for tailwaters, streams in the Smokies, etc. *I'm interested in less-crowded and smaller-scale locales in/around Williamson and surrounding counties. *I don't believe there hundreds of flycasters around here to begin with, so I doubt we'd cause crowding or abuse of the area waters. *I do think it would be great to share and/or rate public access points, network for private access points, find a fishing buddy on short notice, give/get specific small-stream advice, etc.

Maybe this should be another post? *I would volunteer to create a Google group or blog and keep it loose. *Does anyone think there would be interest? *msh
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