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I remember on another post that you went FF and didn't catch anything. - Move your rod and catch a fish??

To look like a fly fisherman is not to be one. The mechanics can be learned quickly, but the skill takes time to develop. Fly fishing is an art that takes practice, practice and more practice.

The fly fisherman who knows how to use his fly rod understands the art of fly fishing. Like any artist the joy is often more in the practice of the craft than the end results. -from the art of FF...

Giantfish you are a FF artist- Practice until you believe it...

*Just when you think you've got it right, some old timer will show you how much you don't know. That's part of the appeal of fly fishing, there's always something more to learn and new waters to fish.

"Great things are done when men and mountains meet." William Blake (For general interest in the Middle Tennessee area)
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