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Giantfish, *I have a 13 yr old son (Pict. on photo board). He has been learning to FF this past year. I tell him that to consistantly catch fish on a fly rod in any type of water, it is a skill that takes patience, time, and a willingness to gain knowledge most other types of fishing do not require. Putting worms or corn on a hook or tossing a plastic lure with built-in action is easy. Learning about the aquatic enviroment and some skills involved in flyfishing, not only will make you a better angler, but a good steward of the enviroment. I believe FF is an Art. I draw and paint also and feel there are some similarities.
In an age where everything is fast paced and high tech, FF is still much the same as it started. I hope it remains that way for my son and for you.
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