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I don't blame the man either! Gotta leave a day to get out on the stream himself! But, in all fairness a man that opened his shop 7 days a week in that area would prob make a killing! Wish we could have seen the shop. It looked nice from the outside. Which leads to another funny comment, my dads reply when he found out they were closed was, "Did you notice any alarm co. stickers?" We were both past frustrated at that point! Neither one of us had actually checked each others fly boxes to see what we had. After a final stop at Wally world we finnally got the idea to look. Finnally realizing we actually had what we needed! I think poor planning on that aspect got the best of us! But, on a whims notice, and a three hour trek to the tailwater and many stops along the way led to some good fly fishing. We are already planning another trip this weekend and will be sure to make a trip by LRO to pick up what we need before we head out, like everyone else up there that day had done! Opps! We learn from our mistakes and we won't make that mistake again! We'll probably make it back up there Sunday again, looks like it'll be raining hope the fishing is even better!

Question for you all who may know? Why is there such a good population of mainly sulfers and other equatic insects at the SOHO? Is it do to the Wier system they have in place? And, secondly, if that particular wier system is responsible for the flourishing aquatic life, why is it not in place at every tailwater? I would think that a self sustaining brown trout and rainbow trout population would be enough alone to to make TWRA officials and TVA officials to put it in place. It seems like a large expense today but I'm sure it would pay dividends in the long run. Does the wier have any effect on insect population, or is this just enviornment specific! We didn't get to drive around too much but from what we saw it didn't look to be nearly as populated or industrial as most other tailwaters in our region. Is this part of the reasoning behind the fishery there?

Any insight would be appreciated? Hugh I'd appreciate a lil help here? I know your up there all the time!
Oh and one other question! Where is another good place to fish there for future reference?
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