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Sure scouring has some negative effects but the Clinch has been running strong for a long time. Look at Bull Shoals dam in Arkansas. Seems that they have something like 10-12 generators on the White River. Isn't it still one of the best in the south as far as insect and fish production? If what you guys are discussing is true, then wouldn't the White be scoured to nothing? It rises 14-20ft.

I think the Clinch has other issues. btw, there is a weir on the Clinch, too. The two biggest reasons for a weir is oxygen and to keep the riverbed watered during periods of no generation. Both are better for aquatic life. From what I understand, the Clinch has been a part of a capacity study for some time. That, and the occurence of D. Geminata, I believe, have temporarily changed things on the river. Of course you have things like increased fishing pressure and siltation, as well. Just a few years ago the Clinch was producing trout, especially rainbows, just as good as the South Holston. I'm hoping things will return to normal there, soon.

What helps the South Holston be one of the best in Tennessee? It's fertility, size, oxygen, slot limit, and the fact that fishing is good on high and low water. D. Geminata showed up on the South Holston in 2004. Sulfur hatches weren't effected in 2005 but from what I hear they were this year. Also, sulfur hatches are best on the upper river, right where the D. Geminata growth is worse. In my opinion, mayflies need clean, unsilted, fertile, water to be prolific. They've been getting that on the South Holston until a couple of years ago. Hopefully this stuff is just temporary. If it's not, I fear the worst.

If you want a real expert opinion on the South Holston then you should get in contact with Scott Lewis. Scott has a biology degree and he lives minutes from the river. Scott ownes Alpha Trout Outfitters. I have several reports that I'm willing to share if you'll send me a pm. Take some time to know the real river behind the stockers (mostly) you caught.
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