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An interesting topic non the less! I did a google search on Bull Shoals tailwater looks big, at least 2 to 3 times as big as the Clinch! I have never personally had much luck on the Clinch, maybe thats the reasoning behind the new bias! It seems like the Clinch can be alot like the smokies! It can be technical! I didn't have much time to look into the particulars about Bull Shoals but from what i read it's deep to. I wouldn't say I'm new to the sport, but until the recent trip to the soho, I didn't think the sport on any tailwater would be that productive! Both my father and I have had better than good days in the mountains with brooks and bows, but to say again we've both spent good time on the Clinch with less than favorable success! There is probably something we don't know about the clinch that would help this matter, like fishing midges! Neither of us have had much success nymphing! Althought that being said weve had exceptional days doing nothing but nymphing. I am interested in the reports, so send um to me! There is definately a difference in the fishing between the two. I'd like to figure out what it is, and after much thought there definately is a difference insect population, specifically sulfers. There were more hatching there in early november than in the mountains in summer! We also watched the largest hatch of BWO's come off the water I had ever seen! Whether it's the enviornment or the generation of water scouring the bottom it's definately worth TWRA looking into! A better fishery produces, better fishing, producing more fisherman! I noticed you said that the fish were mostly stockers, most of the bows we caught were exceptional in color some of the browns too. However the smaller browns appeared to be rather dumb, biting anything you threw at them!

It will be an interesting topic to see people post there thoughts on! I'm sure we would all love to know a for sure reason to help fix the problem!

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