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The Clinch and it's Sulphurs. In 1998 there was severe flooding in Virgina and they ran the Clinch wide open for along time, seems a couple of months, actually had to spill over the dam for maybe the second time since the dam was built. The Clinch with two turbines flows about ~ 6-8,000 cfs. Someone of you can correct me, I know some know more abou it than I. Anyway when I mean flooding I mean "blowing and going"!: 27,000-32,000 cfs. The sulphurs were gone the next year. Used to love to fish that hatch, I fish the Clinch very little anymore so my info about current conditions is second hand. When I have fished recently the fish have been smallish. You used to count on a nice fish any time you went 15" or better. There are obviously some big browns living in the slow pools, most of which you need a boat to access.

Alot of politicis around the Clinch keep the regs from being more favorable.
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